2019 Game Interests

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2019 Game Interests

Postby tombeach » Mon May 21, 2018 4:44 pm

I realize the new folder isn't up yet and I will re-post there when it is. Till then and knowing others still check in here, I thought I would post a slew of games I'd enjoy being a part of. I look forward to the lists of others as well.

Tom Beach

Last Chance for Victory (MMP)
Bloody 110 (Gamers)
Operation Mercury (MMP)
Atlanta is Ours (MMP)
Canvas Falcons (Warbirds Vol. 1)
This Terrible Sound (Gamers)
A Fearful Slaughter (Gamers)
Last Blitzkrieg (MMP)
Edelweiss (Clash)
Montélimar - Anvil of Fate (Compass)
Bloody Roads South (Gamers)
Thunder at The Crossroads (Gamers)
City Fight (SPI)
Highway to The Reich (DG 3rd)
Gulf Strike (VG)
Pacific War (VG)
The Civil War (VG)
Whistling Death (Clash)
Fontenoy (Clash)
River of Death (GMT)
Dead of Winter (GMT)
1914 Twilight in The East (GMT)
1914 Offensive à outrance (GMT)
Manassas (I.C.E.)
Gold, Juno, Sword (MMP)
Hurtgen: Hell's Forest (DG)
Beyond The Rhine (MMP)
Sicily (Gamers)
Tunisia II (MMP)
Army of The Heartland (Clash)
Death Ride Kursk - IISS (Grognard)
Napoleon's Last Gamble (OSG)
The Killing Ground/Overlord (NES)
1985: Under an Iron Sky (TRL)
Korean War (VG)
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Re: 2019 Game Interests

Postby WillWillow » Mon May 21, 2018 8:18 pm

I would like to see a team playing of Last Chance for Victory if possible. With some OCS Sicily2 or Smolensk on the side.

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Re: 2019 Game Interests

Postby mignered » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:11 pm

Looks like Ricc DiGirolami, Rick Kurtz, and Bill Quoss from
Out of state, will be attending.
They are looking for players in the new Bulge game, A Time for Trumpets, coming out from GMT, before the end of Dec. 2018.
I am probably going to be involved in OCS.
It looks like the guys from England, having recovered from
The Croatian fiasco in the World Cup, will be there
With a combined Third Winter and Forgotten Battles.

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Re: 2019 Game Interests

Postby tombeach » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:39 pm

Thanks, Dave.

Sounds great. I have read the GMT Insider interview with Bruno and like very much what I hear about this version of The Bulge. Huge, 12 countersheets, battalion-level, Joe Youst maps, High Complexity rating. All sounds good! Want to see the preview rules when GMT posts them.

Hope you're correct on its release date for making WF, as I see its still in the 'Made The Cut - Final Art/Development' area and not yet at the printer.


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