“Street of Stalingrad ④” presentation Winterfest XVII 2015 (Sandusky, Ohio)

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“Street of Stalingrad ④” presentation Winterfest XVII 2015 (Sandusky, Ohio)

Post by RussSchulke » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:02 pm

“Street of Stalingrad ④” presentation Winterfest XVII 2015 (Sandusky, Ohio)

Lombardy Studios (Dana Lombardy) and 626 Designs (Russell Schulke) hosted a preliminary/feasibility presentation of the proposed “Street of Stalingrad ④” game update at Winterfest XVII War Gaming gathering.

This was a closed-door NDA (non-disclosure agreement) meeting and round-table presentation presenting the new direction in the “Street of Stalingrad” monster game.

Some of the items that were covered:

• Major revision to the map graphics.

• Major expansion of the map size (now includes the Volga River east bank.)

• Major revision to counters layout with a new streamlined color coding system.

• Major corrections to the Soviet order of battle via the Tsentral'nyi Arkhiv Ministerstva Oborony RF (TsAMO) [central archive of the ministry of defense Russian Federation].

• Major corrections to the Soviet counter symbology.

• Major expansion of riverine units (including Volga Military Flotilla, Lower Volga River Steamship Company and the “Volgatanker” Company)

• Expansion of the air war

• New units (Fallschirmjäger, night witches, blocking detachments and footbridges)

• New weapons (Flamethrower tanks, Henschel HS-129 ground attack aircraft, riverine mines and ampulomets)

• New rules (Riverine mining, blocking detachments, and Heroes counters)

• Two new scenarios (Race to the Volga / Rynok: the last assault)

• Plus ... 30 years of research being added and correcting pervious editions.

Many thanks to all of the participates and especially the individuals who came up after and gave one-on-one input. This was exactly what we were looking for and will aid in creating an unequalled product.

Although everyone that attended the presentation signed the NDA, everyone is welcome to post/talk in generalization about what was presented.

*Reminder to all who post to other sites or forums, this was an evaluation/feasibility presentation of “Street of Stalingrad ④” and no funding, no timeline, no price or commitment has been made at this time to release a new updated game.

Russ Schulke

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Re: “Street of Stalingrad ④” presentation Winterfest XVII 2015 (Sandusky, Ohio)

Post by MTierney » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:49 am

Russ presented a very impressive preview of what Streets 4 could develop into. All of us that attended Winterfest 2015 are anxious to see him succeed. We played version 3 last year and had an absolutely great time playing it. Two of us fought over Mamyev Gurgan for three straight (game) days and just like the real battle, it never fell! Great game!

Merv Tierney